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. >> you have taught us what truly counts is the courageous spirit and the generous heart. >> reporter: a courageous spirit and generous heart is how she is being remembered. her work is now her legacy. the 88-year-old suffered a series of strokes in recent years and died at cape cod hospital early tuesday morning. >> my mother has been, you know, a key leader in the field of mental retardation, special needs, intellectual disabilities. >> reporter: her sole surviving brother edward kennedy is battling brain cancer. in a statement released, shriver is described as amazing, a living prayer, and a center of power. senator kennedy said his earliest memory of his sister was as a young girl with great humor, sharp wit, and a boundless passion to make a difference. lindsey davis, abc news, new york. >> and eunice kennedy shriver in essence started special olympics when she hosted kids with disabilities for a summer camp in her potomac, maryland backyard. this is video from last month's maryland special olympics at towson university. her sotimothy, who was also the chairman of the special oly
a girlfriend. police say he had four handguns, used three and ultimately shot 12 people. authorities say he didn't have a relationship with anyone here at the l.a. fitness center, but he did have a schedule at home with a latin impact class. lindsay davis, abc news, ridgefield park pa. >>> anne arundel police have arrested a man for a murder last month in glen bernie. he's charged with first and second-degree murder in the death of 28-year-old lamont gordon, jr. police found his body july 15. according to police, he shot gordon to death and escaped to miami. he was arrested on unrelated charges in florida and extradited to anne arundel county. >>> a new trial date has been set for baltimore mayor sheila dixon. at a court hearing this morning, the judge postponed her trial on perjury charges for november the 9th. her trial had been scheduled for september the 8th. it includes new evidence against the mayor and brings back some perjury charges that were thrown out. dixon's attorney say they plan to file a new motion arguing state prosecutor has abused the grand jury process. >> we're going to
's the improper use of a police boat and helicopter that were part of the proposal. abc 2 news terry owens explains. >> reporter: marybeth, this is a story that everybody is talking about. as we first reported last night at 11, it all happened on the inner harbor and involves state delegate john cardin, the nephew of u.s. senator ben cardin. he says he wanted to make his fiancee's night perfect. his plan to propose to her on a boat august 7th. but that proposal apparently involved having a baltimore city police department helicopter hover overhead as city marine police pretended to search the boat. no one is saying how that was arranged, but police commissioner fred bealefeld has ordered an investigation. he wants to know if this was more than just a case of bad judgment. >> i don't know, though, that this is much beyond the scope of a couple officers who used poor judgment. and i'm going to reserve much more comment until i know more of the fax. >> reporter: the commissioner also wants to know why he is only hearing about it now. even though state employees have been talking about it for
nation and from around the world just how much he meant to all of us. at the kennedy compound, his son patrick and members of the family arrived to start preparing for his funeral. in a statement, the family said: we have lost the irreplaceable center of our family and the joyous light of our lives. he always believed that our best days were still ahead, but it's hard to imagine any of them without him. >> talk about his legislative accomplishments and the difference he made in public policy. for me, i lost my best friend in the senate. >> reporter: senator kennedy was the youngest of nine children. while he was first known as john and robert kennedy's brother, he will be remembered for his remarkable legislative achievements over five decades. edward kennedy then devoted his life to carrying on the unfinished legacies of both his great brothers. and today the governor of massachusetts, deval patrick said he would try and honor the late senator's last request to change the state's succession law so they could immediately name someone to the senate seat. t.j. winick, abc 2 news reporti
, 90 in moncton. when you factor in the humidity, that's what takes us into the unbelievable state. towson feels like 100. 107 in hock recall. feels like 98 in edgemere. that's what makes it so uncomfortable. this whole night is going to be warm and muggy. temperatures only falling to the mid-70s for overnight lows. we could see a couple isolated showers or thunderstorms. those are most likely to occur along the northern border of the mason dixon line. i'll tell you how long it's going to last, coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, susan. >>> because of the hot weather, marc train riders can expect some delays. csx has issued heat orders for this afternoons a rush hour that could lead to delays of 5 to 15 minutes. whenever it gets hot like this, trains operate slower than usual because the heat can cause the tracks to bend or the buckle. >>> let's take a look at towson university. the heat is on there, but for different reasons. protesters have gathered outside because there is a health care town hall meeting, which is expected to begin in just under two hours. we will be covering
put the money to good use. >> the money he's getting could help children that need supplies or uniform the. >> katherine randall would like to see is pumped back interest the classroom. >> he should probably give it to teachers or even making more teachers. >> reporter: the school board aworded dr. alonso to go along with his quarter of a mill dollar annual salary based on the the school's performance. board chairman says the sew sew has earned every penny, guiding the system to vast improvements across the board. >> i'm a baseball and football fan an as would. would folks know from there hear, you get what you pay for. if you want to put a competitive team on the field, you got to pay for it. >> reporter: great kids, great schools and a great big bonus. the head of the teachers union has a problem with her accepting this money. she says teachers also play a key role in improving the school. >> you're asking us to go without a pay raise and then a bonus is offered to the coee o, my phone started going off the hook. if the teachers contract had called for a raise, they would not be will
drank and didn't use drugs. here is abc 2 news lindsey davis. >> reporter: the case of the woman who was driving the wrong way on a new york highway has taken yet another turn. >> she is not an alcoholic. and my heart every night when i go to bed, something medically had to happen. >> reporter: diane shuler's husband strongly defended her against accusations of drunk driving. >> did you know her to go to bars? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: but police say the 36-year-old had more than ten vodkas and smoked marijuana within an hour of driving the five children back from a camping trip. when her minivan crashed head- on into an suv, eight people died, including shuler, her daughter and nieces and three people in an suv. the family of two of the victims in the suv, michael and guy are considering starting a lawsuit against her relatives, saying they should have stopped her. >> it's hard for me to believe that the family did not know that this woman had an alcohol problem or a drug problem. >> reporter: shuler says she grieving for the family as he grieves for his own. >> it's my little
'm meteorologist susan schrack. another hazy, hot and humid one for us, though not quite as warm as yesterday. what we are seeing are some thunderstorms starting to pop up around the state, mainly where this is limited to is the eastern shore, and way out west, west of hagerstown there across the mountains. take a look at the temperatures. 80 degrees in moncton. 82 in westminster. 83 in perry hall. 84 in chestertown. and it feels like we're up in the upper 80s and low 90s in most places. so it's definitely a scorcher out there. for tonight, 67 is where we're going to bottom out. mostly cloudy, some scattered storms are certainly possible, and that's going to continue for the next couple of days. i'll tell you when we may get any relief, coming up in just a few minutes. ba to you. >>> new at 5, maryland's second highest court has upheld the charges against counselors at a school for troubled juveniles where a baltimore teenager died. five counselors at the bolingbrook school were charged with reckless endangerment following the death of 17-year- old isaiah simmons. simmons had been restrained by the
the cops so much the past couple days. it's not what i'm used to. >> reporter: but police do know who they're looking for in this case there is an arrest warrant out for their suspect and say it should be a matter of time before they're in custody. now police do believe this was not a random shooter. authorities believe the shooter knew the victims, and they all knew one another. live in the studio, brian kuebler, abc 2 news. >>> maryland state police are looking into a kidnapping and assault case in harford county. the suspect a registered sex offender. troopers say just before midnight last night, they were called to the 7-eleven on abingdon road for an assault. they found a woman bruised and bleeding, apparently paul girard johnson, junior of bel air had that woman in his car and wouldn't let her out, threatening her with a knife near the 7-eleven. she tried to escape, but he grabbed her by her clothing, dragging alongside the car. he then apparently let her go. johnson has been taken into custody hand has been charged. >>> a registered sex offender is charged with visiting thurmont sch
baltimore park. roosevelt leftwich joins us with more. >> reporter: marybeth, we now know more about the one man police caught and how the city is going to respond to the hate crime. authorities say 28-year-old calvin lockner had a history of violence and tattoos that suggested a connection with white supremacist groups. they say lockner has a hitler tattoo on his stomach and other marks that show his membership in the aryan and hitler brotherhood. charging documents show lockner and at least two other men beat 76-year-old james privett tuesday morning. privot was knocked to the ground and beat when a bat while the attackers shouted racial slurs. >> we have some basic information as it relates to the other two suspects. we are gaining more information, including anonymous citizen tips. >> reporter: today the police commissioner, the mayor and other civic leaders said they were making a stand against this hate crime. they say this type of thing has no place in baltimore, or anywhere else, and that a person, who matter who they are has the right to follow the pursuit peacefully without being a
in crofton. it was a surveillance video that led police to doukas, but said they had to use deadly force. >> suspect then slammed on the gas and went toward the officer. the officer had drawn his weapon and fired multiple rounds and struck the suspect, and he died onscene. >> reporter: police say they are still looking for the woman in the surveillance video. if you know anything about her or this case, they want you to call metro crimestoppers at 1- 866-7-lock-up. brian kuebler, abc 2 news. >>> a pasadena man has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of his 1-month-old daughter. as part of a plea deal, child abuse and murder charges against john weirick were dropped. the 32-year-old admitted he had shaken his daughter lilliana, supposedly as he tried to calm her in january. she died later in the hospital. weirick faces up to ten years in prison. he will be sentenced in november. >>> a suspect wanted in connection with several burglaries in anne arundel county is behind bars. reed taylor weeks is accused of robbing four businesses in severna park, and one business in arnold. police
the 7900 block of sea breeze drive near hilltop road. and as joce sterman tells us, it was the smell that tipped people off. >> reporter: you're right. it was a smell strong enough to just knock you off your feet, and it hit you long before you saw the house. and that smell was the sign of neglect going on inside that house, a situation animal control workers tell us is one of the worst they have ever seen. and this is the home we're talking about. animal control officers pulled 21 dogs from this home this afternoon. they're alive, all in bad shape after living in what some are calling deplorable conditions with feces piled up a couple- feet high. one neighbor says she repeatedly contacted the county to take action, but she never got anywhere until today when she contacted the county executive. >> the sound of the dogs howling, the smell. the smell is horrendous. i couldn't even have my windows open. and i've been complaining and complaining, and nothing was done. >> i've always said from the outset of my administration, if anybody calls an agency or department, the
. then dick cheney announced the casualty. >> the total u.s. losses are one aircraft and one individual. >> reporter: but the 33-year- old pilot's remains were never found. for years, some believe he had parachuted to safety only to be taken captive. in 2001 speicher's status was changed to missing in action. a year later it was changed to missing/captured. >> i just want a straight answer. what happened to my brother. just simple and plain, answer that question. >> reporter: but last month, after almost two decades, an iraqi citizen came forward saying he knew where captain speicher's plane went down. the informant said he was buried by bedouin tribesmen in the desert of west central iraq. that's where u.s. investigators found speicher's grave and positively identified his remains. >> captain speicher was our shipmate, and we wanted to bring him home. and today we did that. >> reporter: for speicher's wife, two children, and the rest of his family, it marks the end of a gut-wrenching and heartbreaking mystery. >> to bring scott home. and it really does mean something to us. i'm just so
woodlawn on the west to johns hopkins and bayview on the east. but as brian kuebler joins us live to explain, not everyone sees this as progress. [ train whistle ] >> reporter: the red line fills a void governor martin o'malley says has been missing from baltimore for decades. >> we know that if we don't invest in mass transit, all of our roads are going to be too congested, and it's going to really harm our quality of life. >> reporter: from security square mall and the social security administration in woodlawn, under cooks lane, back up through the rest, back under downtown and back up again in canton and riding the street level rails to johns hopkins bayview. the red line will connect to marc stations, the existing light rail, and the metro to form what the governor calls a comprehensive mass transit map for charm city. on the west end, resident sheri woodley sees opportunity. >> i would love it. specifically for people that don't drive. for those who don't drive, it would be great. >> reporter: would you use it? >> i would you it. >> reporter: but it is on the surface for opp
're following a developing story out of washington, d.c. an internal cia report reveals that u.s. interrogators threaten to kill the children of 911 mastermind khalid sheikh muhammad if any other attacks on the u.s. occur. the allegation is part of the 2004 justice department report that examined cia treatment of terror detainees. that report was declassified as part of a lawsuit filed by the aclu. >>> another water main break, and of course traffic nightmare on saratoga street. public works are trying to fix the 40-inch main which broke louisiana night between king and green streets. according to the city's department of public works, the hole created by this break is very deep, possibly as much as 25 feet. you can imagine it will take a while to fix it. >>> the clock is ticking down on cash for clunkers. the federal rebate program that encourages people to trade in their gas guzzlers for more fuel-efficient models ends at 8:00 tonight. t.j. winick has the latest. >> reporter: cash for clunkers expires at 8:00 tonight, and now dealers across the country have until noon tomorrow to file paperwo
. michelle connor tells us why the victim's life could have been saved. >> reporter: glasses in the street left from a window that was shot out. 37-year-old erica carr, a corrections officer was dead at the scene. neighbors tell us they heard the shots. >> i thought i was dreaming. but i woke up, and i heard three shots, like boom, boom, boom. >> and when the rumor, the front window was shot out. >> reporter: this man doesn't want to be identified for fear of retaliation. but he says there were officers in the neighborhood around 4:30 this morning when the shots were first reported. >> they never got out of the car to check or anything. that woman could be still alive. >> reporter: a police spokesman says an officer was in the area and heard the shots overnight. police searched for a vehicle, but it was never found. >> at this point we have no information on suspects, no information on motives. >> reporter: fort worthing on the elementary school is right next to where the woman was found shot and killed this morning. teachers are back in their classrooms, but students don't arrive until mo
tabled discussions about whether to rezone land near the mall. the property could be used for the state's largest casino. but indecision is causing a delay, and that's keeping the slots issue there at a stand still. >> anne arundel county needs to make a decision. right now we have that indecision gumming up the works and keeping that largest number of slots licenses from moving forward. >> council won't be talking about the rezoning until the fall. the council chairwoman told the sun the zoning decisions have no impact on the state's licensing process for slot machines. >>> eunice kennedy shriver is in critical condition at a massachusetts hospital tonight. a family spokesman says the 88- year-old sister of president john f. kennedy is surrounded by her family. her husband, children, and grandchildren are all at her side. shriver founded the special olympics. >>> an autopsy report says cocaine contributed to the death of television pitchman billy mace. the 55-year-old died of a heart attack in his sleep. his wife found him unresponsive at their condo in tampa in june. mays had used coc
accomplishment is her own children. >> each of us felt like an only child. each of us felt as though our mother was our best friend. each of us talked to her every day and sometimes more than once. and of course, i think if i said to my mother, which i often did, i can't good on without you. i don't know how to live without you, she would say, you're fine, i've raised you while. now get out there, get going. your brothers will be nice to you. >> eunice kennedy shriver died tuesday. she had a series of strokes in recent years. she was 88 years old. >>> president obama was in montana this afternoon, answering questions on health care reform. unlike the often contentious meetings other lawmakers have encountered, as abc 2 news carla wohl reports, today's give and take was both cordial and civil. >> reporter: president obama received an enthusiastic welcome in reliably republican montana. >> hello, montana! >> reporter: he came on a mission to change the increasingly angry debate over health care reform, saying americans are being held hostage by insurance companies. >> it's wrong. it's bankrupting
that is used to prevent crashes happen. the national transportation safety board said it first learned about a march failure just last week, but the ntsb now says a metro employee told them about the march incident the day after june's crash. the march incident did not end in a crash because the train operator used an emergency brake to avoid hitting another train. metro did not make that incident public. >>> swine flu has killed a sixth person in maryland. the patient was an adult with underlying medical problems and lived in the washington, d.c. suburbs. the person's name has not been released. state health officials expect more flu-related deaths, so they urge everyone to take advantage of seasonal and swine flu vaccinations when they become available. >>> town hall meetings continue to raise voices and concerns over health care reform today. they have also forced a change in some proposed legislation. key senators say they will drop a provision on end-of-life care because it could be misinterpreted or implemented incorrectly. the proposal would have reimbursed doctors for voluntary coun
-eleven in the 8900 block of rhode island avenue. abc 2 news terry owens joins us with details. >> reporter: marybeth, when police arrived, they found two men lying in the parking lot, both had been stabbed and were rushed to a hospital where one of them died. police believe the stabbing actually happened about a mile away at a home in the 5000 block of hollywood road. authorities believed the wounded men then drove themselves to the 7-eleven where they were discovered lying on the ground near their vehicle. police searched the hollywood road home and suspect the stabbing was the result of a domestic fight that got out of control. >> we haven't had violent crime here in 42 years. longer than that, i lived here 42 years. it just doesn't happen. >> crime is everywhere, and these things happen everywhere. we need to stay together, stay strong, and stay vigilant and protect each other. >> police have not identified either of the victims or made any arrests. their investigation is continuing. terry owens, abc 2 news. >>> it was a robbery that sort of puzzled police in montgomery cou
are relieved by the teens' arrest. they're just as culpable as the man the teens say used a sledge hammer and racial slurs to beat privileget. >>i like to see that. it needs more police patrol. we have to stop it before it happens again. >>reporter: but it was more than police work that helped in all three arrests. the department was flooded with tips from the curtis bay community which helped to put all three suspects in jail. in this case people did the right thing. a will the of people did the right thing. >>reporter: lockner and the teens remain in jail. both teens will have their bail review tomorrow morning. live in the studio, abc 2 news. >>>the only man ever convicted in the bombing of pan am flight 103 is back home after serving just eight years of a life sentence. he was released because he has terminal cancer. 270 people were killed when the jetliner blew up in 1988 over scotland. 189 americans were among the dead. 8 from maryland. for those left behind there is still grief, and now anger. here's lindsay davis with abc. >>reporter: these are images, many, including the united s
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